Our contribution

Next2Company works with partners to build transformational business models. Our contribution is delivered via three main axes:

• Accelerating innovation: from idea to scalable enterprise

• Connecting technology: a lever for innovative business models

• Organising innovation: from barrier to accelerator


Accelerating innovation: from idea to scalable enterprise

Next2Company pairs with organisations to look at trends in the market and society and to develop meaningful solutions, products and services. To do this, we encourage the devising and testing of transformational concepts, propositions and market-oriented solutions. We have identified four crucial phases in this process: idea creation, validation, prototyping and scaling. Our approach is designed to support these four phases fully and to accelerate their completion to achieve maximum impact.

Our concrete contributions:

  • From vision to iconic project: with the Futureshop & Futurehouse track, we help inspiring visions and iconic projects to emerge in conversations internally and with the outside world
  • Challenge & acceleration: we mobilise innovators around a ‘big question’ and help them to validate and accelerate their innovation
  • Building Next2Companies: together with leading organizations, we set up a Next2Company to design an entirely new business model alongside the existing organisation

To find out more please contact Jan Smit

Our impact


Connecting technology: a lever for innovative business models

Technology can act as the catalyst of transformational business models. We help to develop platforms which scale up transformational enterprises to become key players on tomorrow’s market. Platforms combine innovative (information) technology and partnerships, helping transformational enterprises to compete with the established order. We translate societal issues and innovative business models to technology that makes the concept scalable and effective. We are building an empowering ecosystem of front runners and challengers committed to achieving a breakthrough in market dynamics. The aim is to be a leading in tomorrow’s market.

Our concrete contributions:

  • Coalition building: we bring partners together to maximise the leverage of technology around a societal challenge
  • Utilising big data: we facilitate the use of Machine Learning to find answers to high value questions
  • Platform building: together, we build new platforms which make innovative business models scalable

To find out more please contact Peter Kustermans

Our impact


Organising innovation: from barrier to accelerator

Helping transformational business models to emerge from or to thrive among or alongside existing organisations and systems is a challenge. Structures and models often act as barriers to innovation, rather than as accelerators. Transitions in the market and society therefore demand corresponding transitions at organisational level. This requires attention to both the hard and soft aspects of transformation and the role played in it by people and organisations. We help to discover what this means, and serve as partners on the winding road to innovation.

Our concrete contributions:

  • Redefining strategy & business model: we connect the organisation’s future and transition vision and redefine its business model, and help them make the shift
  • Ecosystem development: together, we build ecosystems which unlock innovative potential by linking partners from different sectors around a vision of the future
  • Supply power: we supply professional power to give transformational ventures a flying start
  • Impact learning: by measuring continuously, we help to record social impact and in this way actually achieve transformational returns and impact

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Our impact