Our mission

Global challenges shape tomorrow’s market. A market in which economic returns alone are no longer sufficient and organisational boundaries become blurred. A market where we need to let go of current ways of organising and earning.

Next2Company helps organisations to connect with that new reality by developing transformational business models.

We develop scalable business models with a sustainable perspective. Bridging the differences between public and private sectors to co-create social and economic value is central to this process. We connect the inner world of organisations with the inside and outside world in order to bring innovation into being. Having the courage to let go of old models is essential. In this way Next2Company delivers transformational returns for tomorrow and the day after.

We bring companies’s core competencies together with societal issues.

By applying those competencies in innovative ways, we generate maximum impact. And in doing so we create innovative business models with a positive impact, precisely where they are needed in today’s changing world.

Next2Company delivers transformational returns and impact.