Our team


Jan Smit

“I feel at home in a range of sectors, including trade & industry, technology, government and business services. I am a creative innovator in the field of social issues and public private partnerships and love to create multiple cross-sector innovations."

Gerbert Hengelaar

“What energises me is contributing, through innovative business concepts, to finding solutions to pressing global issues. As an impact strategist, I aim to connect the innovative power of business with social relevance and credibility.”

Karel van Eechoud

"Making connection, understanding organizations and continue by building a bridge that will enable innovation and sustainable development to evolve. As a project impact manager, I help organizations and their partners, to build new and impactful business models"


Daphne Frühmann

"Creative, innovative initiatives that make the world a little bit better, that’s what I would like to contribute to. As a project impact manager that works with engaged peers, I discover new opportunities for the social issues of today and the future. Together we can achieve a lot and even more than that!"