Our team


Jan Smit

“I feel at home in a range of sectors, including trade & industry, technology, government and business services. I am a creative innovator in the field of social issues and public private partnerships and love to create multiple cross-sector innovations."

Gerbert Hengelaar

“What energises me is contributing, through innovative business concepts, to finding solutions to pressing global issues. As an impact strategist, I aim to connect the innovative power of business with social relevance and credibility.”


Thomas Robers

"There are so many opportunities around us. I like to really help people further, by converting these opportunities in solutions. As Project Impact Manager and generalist I help companies by defining their raison d’être and looking over boundaries. Together we come to real innovation, for a better company and society."


Daphne Frühmann

"Creative, innovative initiatives that make the world a little bit better, that’s what I would like to contribute to. As a project impact manager that works with engaged peers, I discover new opportunities for the social issues of today and the future. Together we can achieve a lot and even more than that!"


Max Fossen

“As an associate of Next2company, I combine imagination, analysis and teamwork to contribute to the impact and success of the company. You’ll find here an incredible team of people who, in addition to their common values, are surprisingly different and very inspiring.”


Epke Sambrink Sanderink

“As a Personal Assistant, I support the Next2Company team in various tasks. By unburdening, arranging and organizing, I ensure that my colleagues can really focus on impact and innovation. It is special to be part of a beautiful club of people who really want to mean something to people and society.”